Terms and Conditions


The service being offered is that of an online gallery. We put your work up on our website for the period of time advertised on the website.  There are two options, one is to simply have your work displayed, the other option is to have it up for sale.

On items that are up for sale, we will take no commission - however there will be a small processing fee which will vary depending on the fee of our online merchant.

You will continue to have full rights of all your work.  We are simply providing an online space, which is maintained and promoted by us for you to show your work.

All payments are non refundable.

If you wish to have your work removed prior to the time agreed, then you must let us know in writing and allow up to 2 weeks to complete your request.

The maximum number of images that can be displayed is 10. These images cannot be changed.  If you would like to put other images up, you would have to apply separately for a new gallery space on the website.

We maintain full creative rights over weeklyinspiration.co.uk or any of its associated websites and have full copyright ownership of the website itself.


If you are using the website to sell your work, you set the price.  On any sales you are responsible for the shipping of the item to the customer.

We will inform you of any orders and transfer the money to you.  You are responsible for the item and you set your own refund/return policies which will be made available to the customer on your online gallery page.

Everything to do with the selling is your responsibility from the price right through to delivery.