One day down at the bottom of the garden I was stringing together a selection of pebbles and rocks.  As I picked up one of the rocks, I found a pixie underneath it. He had been trapped there for over 700 years!

So happy was the pixie to be freed, as a token of his gratitude he laid a magic kiss upon the string of rocks. Before my eyes, the pebbles and rocks transformed into an endless and stunning array of beads - the most beautiful to be found in all the land.  People came from far and wide to see the beads and get some of their own to wear. 

And to this day, I still make jewellery from this magic string of beads.



*All items seen above are subject to stock.  If an item is not in stock at the time of purchase, we will offer you an alternative to the same value or refund the money in full.

Candy Sugary Goodness

I was drawn to these beads for the bright candy-like happiness they give off. They can just brighten you up. Fun kitsch chic - there’s just nothing serious about them. There are two of these available.


Everybody loves turquoise whether as the beads or the colour. This is a long necklace and I love the shape of the different beads as it makes such a unique piece.

£29 each.


A twist on a modern classic. Some of these wee beads magically change appearance from transparent to silver to blue. These magic beads are mixed with other pretty ones.


If you like colour, you’ll love this. Bright colours all in interesting shapes and sizes.